Gabriella Willenz is an interdisciplinary artist who engages with the tension between the construction of reality and its neutralized representations. Her research-based process often starts by tracing hegemonic narratives that are activated by fear of and alienation from ‘others’. She examines covert anxieties and desires as they manifest through social-religious-political mechanisms and structures. Utilizing mainly video, photography, and installation she creates uncanny and absurd representations of elements from our culture's unconscious. Coming from a background in theater and performance she incorporates theatrical means such as story, props, character and actions to explore the performance of/in public and private institutions and their power structures; of the intersections between belonging and othering. Her interventions and re-stagings reflect simultaneous and often conflicting strata of information. She is interested in offering alternative perspectives with the aim of expanding the possibilities of identification.

Gabriella received her MFA from The University of California, Berkeley in 2019 and her BA from the Marc Rich Honors Program in Arts and Humanities at Tel Aviv University, Israel in 2015. She currently lives and works in Berkeley with her partner and two children. 

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