© 2019 by Gabriella Willenz​



Taking the form of video, performance, sculpture, and photography my work engages with the dynamic interplay between the construction and representation of reality. I aim to cultivate, through my artwork, a mode of observing and mapping that considers simultaneous strata of information to locate social/political/religious anxieties and desires of communities and try to unpack the conditions from which these feelings are bred. I address sites - in the broadest sense - locations, phenomena, myths, relationships, actions, events - that reflect power dynamics or normalized cultural binaries in a manner that intends to interrogate and problematize them. 

Growing up in Israel I am constantly confronted with the magnitude of the consequences of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict and the manner in which hegemonic ideologies within Israel are activated by fear of and alienation from the ‘other’ in order to build, maintain, and assert certain narratives and perspectives as a single ׳truth.׳ I am interested in pushing against and expanding the possibilities of identification. Coming from a background in theatre and performance, I am interested in process art and time-based art, as well as the theatricality of objects and images, testing the ways actions, materials and forms shift back and forth between their positions as signifier and signified. 

I am currently pursuing my MFA in Art Practice at UC Berkeley. I received my BA from the Marc Rich Honors Program in Arts and Humanities at Tel Aviv University, Israel.