An Amplified Soundscape, four-channel sound piece, 16 min., Adhan, Sirens, Shalom-Aleichem and Lecha Dodi, 2018 

This soundscape weaves together four types of sounds heard on speakers in public spaces in Israel: the Adhan (the Muslim call to prayer), the "Saturday siren" (a Jewish religious custom announcing Saturday eve), memorial day sirens and sirens warning of an incoming rocket. Investigating the diverse aspects that affect the formation of a collective consciousness and worldview, in this piece, I’m interested in considering the soundscape I grow up in and its subconscious messaging. At times the sounds in the piece coexist, even harmoniously, sometimes create points of friction or competition by overpowering each other, while the piece begins and ending with the silencing sound of bereavement and commemoration. Any Israeli - Muslim, Jewish, Christian or other-knows that armed struggle, war, communization, religion, and religious tension are at the heart of the tense existence in Israel.