Be Comfortable and Safe (Suit), Inject print, onesie suit, air pouches, leaves, 19''x23'', 2017

Be Comfortable and Safe (Box for Shipment), installation view. cardboard, 24''x76''x16'', 2017


Air pouches are used to protect products shipped in boxes. Outside of the box, these air pouches show themselves to be fragile entities, like snails outside of their shells. This image inspired by fashion/product photography blurs the line between consumer and product. It does this all while questioning if the accumulation of 'stuff' helps us feel safe and comfortable or are they more indicators to western, modern-day anxieties and desires. 

The human-size box was created from scraps of cardboard boxes that contained products ordered online and shipped by mail. This piece is a meditation on the question of migration. What can freely cross borders and what or whose movement is restricted?