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This Time Everything You Do Comes From Me_excerpt 2:20 min. (full 14:46 min.), two-channel video installation, 2018

Four actors each recounted a memory that offers insight into who they understand themselves to be. The stories told were transcribed and edited. Later, each actor received the text of their own story and the story of another to perform as audition monologues. Combining personal stories with the audition format, this work is an exploration of the demarcations between the “authentic self” and “other,” being and performing. While the monologues are presented as they were delivered, the performance of the person listening is a completely artificial construct. Although some of the selected reactions seem to fit well, the grossly stitched sequence points to the inadequacy of the way we listen to others, even when what they have to say is equivalent to our own experience. In an exhibition, the two channels are projected across from each other and not side by side as showcased here. 

The video won the UC Berkeley Eisner prize hounrable menssion. 

Installation View, Worth Ryder Gallery, Berkeley, 2018